Amod is a weekly newspaper published from Comilla, Bangladesh. This is the oldest weekly newspaper of Bangladesh. Amod (newspaper) was founded on May 5, 1955 by the Late Mohammed Fazle Rabbi (1925-1994), also the Founder Editor of AMOD. Since its inception, the newspaper is managed by the family members of Fazle Rabbi. Today, Amod is recognized as mouthpiece of the people of Comilla. In 1985, the Weekly was recognized by UNESCO as the successful Asian community newspaper. Currently, the Newspaper’s Editor is Mrs. Shamsun Nehar Rabbi, wife of Mohammed Fazle Rabbi; and the Editor-in-Charge, printer and publisher is Bakin Rabbi, son of Mr. Fazle Rabbi. This is a Bengali-language newspaper published on every ‘Thursday’ from Comilla. Since 1985, Mrs. Shamsun Nehar Rabbi has been the Editor of this weekly. It contains four (4) pages, and Cost BDT 5.00.

‘Amod’ Family:
* Founder Editor: Mohammed Fazle Rabbi
* Editor: Shamsun Nehar Rabbi
* Editor-in-Charge: Bakin Rabbi
* News Editor: Shahajada Amran
* Feature Editor: Mohiuddin Molla
* Staff Reporter: Al Mamun
* IT Advisor: Sohel Raihan
* Compositor: Abdul Halim
* Graphic Designer: Nuruddin Majumder

Weekly Amod Contact Information:

Old Chowdhury Para, Comilla-3500, Bangladesh
Phone: 081-65193, 01711720547
Phone (Editor): +1732-965-4590


Published Date: 28/01/2015

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