Dhaka Reporters Unity (DRU):

Dhaka Reporters Unity (DRU) is an influential organization of the reporters of all the print and electronic media and organizations in Dhaka, Bangladesh. DRU includes the reporters who are working in Dhaka. Dhaka Reporters Unity was founded in 1995. It has nearly 1350 members who are engaged in the profession of reporting in various newspapers, electronic media and news organizations. As a prime organization of the reporters of Dhaka, it works for the interest of its members. Dhaka Reporters Unity tries its best to improve the standard of journalism in the Country and maintain credibility & ethical standards during reporting. DRU is very assiduous about the freedom of reporters in Bangladesh. It regularly organizes various training programs, discourses, workshops and other courses for its members. Dhaka Reporters Unity’s one of the most popular programs is “Meet the Reporters” where diplomats, politicians, and other renowned persons take part to meet the reporters to provide effective answers/solutions on various important issues. Every year Dhaka Reporters Unity (DRU) offers awards to the reporters for outstanding contribution in various fields of reporting.

Dhaka Reporters Unity Contact Information:

8/4-A Topkhana Road, Segun Bagischa,
Dhaka-1000, Bangladesh
Ph: +880 2 7169 574
Fax: +880 2 9561 040


Published Date: 28/12/2014

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