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Radiovubon is one of the most popular Bangla online radio stations in Bangladesh. Radio Vubon was founded on 26th March 2012, on the Independence Day of Bangladesh. It broadcasts programs from Dhaka, Bangladesh. The radio started airing with a vision to cheer the world from Bangladesh. The CEO of this radio is Ms Nusrat Khan. Radiovubon plays different types of programs like music, education, sports, business, etc. It also plays songs like Folk, Pop, Classic, Film, Hindi, Gagal, Nazrul, Robindra, English, etc.

Some of its scheduled programs are: First Hour, Hothat Dekha, Business & Career (Every Tuesday at 4:00 pm), Campus Kotha (a show on education & campus life airing on every Tuesday 6:00pm), Media Vubon (a show on media, media gossip and personalities), Music Mania, Sports Vubon, Power Talk (every Saturday 4:00pm), First Hour, Awesome (every Friday 5:00pm) and Travel (a show on tourism). Based on special events/days, it airs different programs. Its target listeners are Bangladeshi and Bengali people scatter around the world. Radio Vubon upholds Bengali culture & heritage and development activities through its programs.

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Published Date: 27/03/2015

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